The most Reliable Energy Saving Device - Propeller Boss Cap Fins



Study on Clarification of Hydrodynamic Mechanisms of PBCF

"Numerical Analysis of Flow around PBCF on a Propeller by Finite Volume Method"

JASNAOE autumn meeting, 2008


"Study on Restraint Mechanism to Generation of Hub Vortex by PBCF"

JASNAOE spring meeting, 2009


"Study on clarification of hydrodynamic mechanisms of PBCF by CFD"

Journal of JASNAOE (10) 37-47, Dec. 2009


It is reported that a velocity distribution, flow stream line, pressure distribution and vorticity distribution of viscous flow field around boss cap has been analyzed by the computational fluid-dynamics CFD) method applied here.




As for the hydrodynamic effect of PBCF, the following phenomena have been verified by CFD method.
  1. Propeller thrust increases due to the recovery of pressure on boss cap end part by eliminating hub vortex
  2. Fins of PBCF received the torque and its direction is opposite to the propeller. AS a result, propeller torque is reduced by fitting PBCF
  3. The thrust on propeller blades increase according to ground effect of PBCF.




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