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Easy Installation, Everlasting 5% Effect

What is PBCF?

PBCF device was developed in 1987 by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, West Japan Fluid Engineering Laboratory, and Mikado Propeller (Nakashima Mitsuwa Propeller) and it has been adopted by installed on more than 3,300 vessels worldwide.
Its fundamental mechanism and effects have been repeatedly verified through numerous series of model tank tests and actual ship measurements from the first stage of the development.

Features & Benefit -What are the reasons behind the success of the PBCF?-

Merits of PBCF
merit 1 Fuel oil saving up to 5%
  • PBCF can show a life-time effect regardless of vessel types and vessel size.
merit 2 Over 25 years of experience, PBCF have been installed on more than 3,300 vessels.
  • With the experience accumulated from the sales for more than 3,300 vessels, we provide reliable and durable product for our customers all over the world.
merit 3 Simple construction and easy installation. Suitable for new-building and existing vessels.
  • No moving parts, no modification of the hull and no welding work is required.
  • It can be installed on either fixed pitch or controllable pitch propellers.
  • Optimized design and custom-made for each propeller.
merit 4 Once installed, no maintenance necessary and the effect lasts for the lifetime
  • There is no need to pay the additional maintenance cost.
merit 5 The return on investment period is short.
  • Less investment and high return.
merit 6 Classification Approval is not necessary.
  • The major classification societies placed PBCF outside their classification rules.
  • There is no need for vessels to be inspected upon docking.
Easy to replace a conventional cap with PBCF
Fitting PBCF